Monday, February 29, 2016

News in Brief: Nate Silver Projects Super Tuesday Results Using Microscopic Electorate Grown In Petri Dish

<p>NEW YORKâ€"Saying the forecast
method had an extremely high degree of accuracy,
political statistician Nate Silver announced
Monday he had projected the results of Super
Tuesday’s presidential primary elections using a
microscopic U.S. electorate he had grown in a
petri dish. “By growing a colony of 146 million
micrometer-tall Americans in the FiveThirtyEight
lab and subjecting them to a variety of electoral
variables, I’ve been able to predict the
outcomes of all 13 primaries and caucuses that
will be contested on Super Tuesday,” wrote
Silver in a post on his website, explaining that
he had been careful to cultivate the voter
population in a nutrient-rich agar medium so it
was demographically identical to that of the
United States, just at 1/2,000,000th the size.
“At that scale, election cycles progress
approximately 4,000 times faster than in our
environment, which allowed me to run ...</p>

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