Monday, February 29, 2016

News: Rubio Campaign Hires New Candidate In Top-Level Staff Shakeup

<p>MIAMIâ€"In what political
observers characterized as the organization’s
highest-level staff shakeup to date, the
presidential campaign of Sen. Marco Rubio
announced Monday it would be bringing on a new
candidate for the remainder of the 2016
election.</p><p>Top members of the Rubio camp,
speaking at a morning press conference at their
Florida headquarters, assured reporters that the
organization’s split with its former candidate
was an amicable one, but noted that the team’s
senior leadership had concluded a new direction
was necessary to ensure the campaign’s future
success.</p><p>“Everyone at Rubio ’16 is very
grateful for Marco’s hard work these past 10
months, but we think someone with a fresh, new
approach will give us the best shot at winning the
Republican nomination and taking the White House
in November,” said campaign manager Terry
Sullivan, adding that while Rubio would no longer
be a part ...</p>

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