Friday, April 29, 2016

Man Practices Haircut Request Before Heading To Barber

<p>MINNEAPOLISâ€"Having scripted a
set of lines he hoped to deliver with confidence
and decisiveness, local 34-year-old Jason Clyne
carefully rehearsed his haircut request several
times Friday before heading to his local
barbershop, sources confirmed. “Okay, I’ll
say, ‘Just a trim, please, and I use a size
three on the sides,’” Clyne reportedly thought
to himself, silently repeating the sentence a
number of times in succession in order to memorize
it before pausing and deciding to tack on a part
about wanting to keep his hair a little longer on
top. “Oh, I should probably say something quick
at the beginning about which side I normally comb
my hair, but I’ll definitely wait for him to ask
me about what to do with the back before I tell
him I want it tapered. Okay, that seems good.”
Sources later confirmed that, despite successfully
reciting his request to his ...</p>

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