Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The TSA’s Plans For Improvement http://tinyurl.com/hzfhexz

<h4>The Transportation Security
Administration has pledged to revamp its processes
in response to recent record-setting airport lines
and wait times. Here are some ways in which the
TSA plans to improve:</h4><ul><li>Boarding passes
issued with pre-printed inscrutable
scribbling<br></li><li>Launching PSA campaign that
encourages travelers to question whether this trip
is really worth all the hassle<br></li><li>Only
permitting carry-on items you can sprint
with<br></li><li>Series of pikes in the ticketing
area to display the severed, shoe-adorned feet of
unprepared travelers<br></li><li>Hiring additional
20,000 agents to stand and point out which line
you should be in<br></li><li>Allowing passengers
to bypass security if they can answer certain
TSA-approved riddles<br></li><li>Two more bins per
scanner line<br></li><li>Withdrawing U.S. troops
from the Middle East while pursuing a centrist
path in diplomacy that balances Israel’s
interests with respect for the culture and
sovereignty of Muslim nations<br></li><li>Opening
some of the six goddamn lanes ...</li></ul>


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