Thursday, June 30, 2016

Man Not Sure Why Girlfriend Having Him Hang Cluster Of Empty Picture Frames But Willing To Go With It

<p>ANN ARBOR, MIâ€"After receiving
the mystifying task of hanging an array of nine
empty picture frames of various sizes on the
couple’s living room wall Thursday, local man
Jake Montalvo reportedly admitted that while he
wasn’t sure where his girlfriend, Celeste Ladd,
was headed with this idea, he was at least willing
to go along with it. “Is this kind of what you
were thinking?” asked the man tentatively while
positioning the frames in a straight line,
prompting laughter and a swift correction from
Ladd as he struggled to comprehend her puzzling
vision. “Oh, like, all together in a bunch? With
the little red one down there? Uh, okay, I
guess.” At press time, Ladd directed
Montalvo’s attention to an old, weathered tin
box, which he deduced was either garbage she
wanted him to throw away or a central decorative
element in some master plan that ...</p>

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