Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Precocious 4-Year-Old Already Feels Terrible About Herself

<p>LANCASTER, PAâ€"Observing that
she is way ahead of other girls her age, sources
close to precocious 4-year-old Tessa Davison
confirmed Wednesday that she already feels
completely terrible about
herself.</p><p>Davison’s parents and teachers
told reporters the exceptional preschooler has
already begun to think of herself as a completely
worthless person who will never be as smart or
likable as everyone else, a mindset, they were
quick to point out, most girls don’t start
developing until middle school.</p><p>“Tessa
isn’t even 5 yet, but she’ll spend hours
worrying about the way she looks and whether other
kids think she’s dumbâ€"she’s way ahead of the
curve with that stuff,” said Davison’s mother,
Sarah, who noted that other children’s parents
are often surprised by her daughter’s remarkable
ability to see awful qualities in herself. “A
lot of girls twice or even three ...</p>

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