Friday, September 30, 2016

Jim Harbaugh Disappointed To Learn Electroshock Therapy Session Already Over

<p>ANN ARBOR, MIâ€"Saying that he
had hardly noticed the time go by while receiving
the series of electrically induced seizures,
University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh was
reportedly disappointed Friday upon learning that
his electroshock therapy session was over so soon.
“Oh, is our time up already?” Harbaugh was
overheard saying as doctors carefully removed
electrodes from his forehead that were used to
deliver dozens of 450-volt shocks over the course
of his 45-minute session. “These sessions are my
favorite part of the week, but they always seem to
go by so quickly. Well, I’m looking forward to
picking this up where we left off when I come back
next time.” Harbaugh added that he considered
the moment during the session when he began
uncontrollably vomiting to be a “real
breakthrough” in his treatment.</p>

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