Friday, September 30, 2016

@Zak_Bagans season 13 is epic so far can't wait for more intense lockdowns #ghostadventures

<ul><li>Election night watch party
fails to meet food and beverage
minimum<br></li><li>Figuring out how the major
party candidates did that cool thing on their
websites where each political issue automatically
expands when you hover the mouse over
them<br></li><li>Hackers more interested in your
credit card information than the contents of your
personal emails<br></li><li>Most voters only
willing to let viable candidates kiss their
babies<br></li><li>Absolute best case scenario is
that you have to be president of the United
States<br></li></ul><div class="hr inline"
contenteditable="false"><hr></div><p>This message
is approved by Webster Bilder and endorsed by <a
href="" class=""
target="_self"></a>. Learn more about
Webster Bilder’s agenda on <a

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