Monday, October 31, 2016

New Report Finds Voters Have No Idea How Outraged They Supposed To Be About Anything Anymore

<p>WASHINGTONâ€"Saying that at
this point, they were just taking their best
guesses at how they should react to each new
scandal that emerged about the presidential
nominees, voters across the country admitted
Monday they had no clue how outraged they are
supposed to be about anything anymore. “It seems
like there’s a new revelation that comes out
each day about Trump or Hillary, and to be honest,
I couldn’t even begin to tell you which ones I
should just shake my head at and which ones are
worth actually getting worked up about,” said
Tempe, AZ voter Jeffrey Wilborne, who noted that
between the recent breaking news alerts he
received about the FBI reopening an investigation
into Clinton’s emails just days ahead of the
election and the barrage of apoplectic posts from
friends on Facebook aimed at either the Democratic
candidate or the FBI director, it ...</p>

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