Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Obama Finally Fulfills Campaign Promise To Spend One Night In Abandoned Amusement Park

<p>CEDAR PLAINS, PAâ€"After years
of delays and mounting criticism from voters and
political pundits, President Barack Obama finally
followed through on a campaign promise he made in
2008 to spend one night alone in the abandoned
Cedar Plains Family Fun amusement park, sources
confirmed Wednesday.</p><p>At approximately 6 p.m.
last night, members of the press reportedly looked
on as Obamaâ€"carrying only a flashlight, a water
bottle, and a backpack full of snacksâ€"scaled the
9-foot-high chain-link fence and entered the
derelict theme park, making good on a vow that had
been a central component of his initial run for
the White House.</p><p>“Eight years ago, I made
an oath that if I were elected president, I would
spend dusk till dawn in this old, run-down
amusement park, and tonight I am fulfilling my
obligation to the American people,” said Obama,
who had been widely accused of favoring ...</p>

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