Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017 - Bus #139 serving the Nackawic area is running 1 hour late this morning

<p>LOS ANGELESâ€"Sending a message
that there were no celebrities above the rules, a
Dolby Theatre usher reportedly kicked actor Matt
Damon out from the Oscars Sunday for attempting to
film the ceremony with a camcorder. “He managed
to film a bunch of awards before he got busted,”
said actor Viggo Mortensen, adding that Damon
nervously glanced over his shoulder at the
attendees around him before discreetly pulling out
a Sony Digital8 camcorder and carefully placing
the device on his lap for a clear shot of the
stage. “Apparently, he snuck it in here by
tucking it inside his tuxedo jacket. He even had
his finger over the red light so people couldn’t
see that he was recording. He might have gotten
away with it if the broadcast hadn’t cut to him
right as he was putting in a fresh tape.” At
press time, sources confirmed that 47 ...</p>

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