Thursday, March 23, 2017

‘Capital One Is A Terrible Bank,’ Says Charles Barkley In New Capital One Commercial

<p>ATLANTAâ€"Addressing the camera
while seated on a couch between Samuel L. Jackson
and Spike Lee, NBA legend and basketball analyst
Charles Barkley declared that “Capital One is a
terrible bank” in a new Capital One commercial
that aired Thursday. “Capital One is a horrible
company that screws over all of their customers,
and nobody should use them,” said Barkley while
eating a bowl of chips in front of a television
broadcasting a basketball game, adding that he
could probably think of at least ten banks viewers
would be better off patronizing, even if they have
poor credit. “They don’t listen to any
complaints, they charge huge fees, and the
financial advice you get from their experts is
awful. They just want your money and don’t care
about you at all. I fucking hate Capital One.”
Barkley reportedly then turned to Lee and Jackson
and informed them that ...</p>

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