Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cackling Trump Reveals To Dinner Guests They’ve All Just Eaten Single Piece Of His Tax Returns http://tinyurl.com/koyxpmj

<p>WASHINGTONâ€"A satisfied smirk
spreading across his face as he watched them
finish their meals, a cackling Donald Trump
reportedly revealed to dinner guests Tuesday that
each and every one of them had just eaten a single
piece of his tax returns. “Now that you’re
done dining, let me ask: Did you notice anything,
shall we say, interesting about your entrées?”
said the president, who caused those seated in the
State Dining Room to look down at their now empty
plates in revulsion as he gleefully revealed that
he had diced up over 20 years of pages from his
federal and New York State tax filings and
sprinkled them into each of the meal’s seven
lavish courses. “Dr. Bornstein, you seemed to
enjoy your duck roulades. And my good professor,
that crab risotto certainly agreed with you. Well,
would it surprise you to learn that the dishes you


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