Thursday, May 25, 2017

10 @ASD_West students being honoured in Woodstock tonight at Turnaround Achievement Awards sponsored by Craig Manufacturing

<p>Given the important policies
they oversee and the highly public nature of their
work, it is to be expected that our government
officials will at times come into conflict with
the press, especially amid the tense political
circumstances in which we now find ourselves. And
it is not unusual for these tensions to reach an
explosive flash point, as they did last night in
Montana when Republican congressional candidate
Greg Gianforte attacked a reporter from <i>The
Guardian</i> for asking what was a shamefully
antagonistic and prying question regarding the
Republicans’ proposed healthcare bill.</p><p>In
light of these events, our editorial board would
like to state our unwavering support of Mr.
Gianforte and invite him to physically assault
every member of <i>The Onion</i>’s news
staff.</p><p>It has always been the belief of this
storied publication that elected officials and the
press have important roles to play in our
democracy: namely ...</p>

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