Friday, June 23, 2017

Last day of school for students! Enjoy your summer, but most importantly keep learning. Thank you students, staff & parents for a great year

<p>WASHINGTONâ€"Unable to contain
his nausea at the horrifying scene before him,
rookie USDA agent Michael Dunn vomited Friday
after seeing his first rotten orange. “As soon
as the kid caught a glimpse of that produce lying
there decomposing, he turned away, hunched over,
and started throwing up like crazy,” said
supervisor Carl Webster, adding that it was not
uncommon for brand-new agents to react in such a
manner when suddenly confronted with a putrefying,
fly-covered rind. “He’ll get past it,
thoughâ€"you build up your tolerance after a
while. The key is to not let it faze you but also
never forget that this rotting pulp was once a
sweet, delicious part of someone’s fruit bowl or
lunchbox.” At press time, Dunn had steeled
himself and looked at the orange once more, but
was vomiting again before he could make it back to
the car.</p>

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