Thursday, June 22, 2017

Well done Cambridge-Narrows Community School Grad class of 2017! Caps off to you! @DavidMcTimoney @ASDWLimelight

<p>STERLING, COâ€"Saying the
condiment was really putting the rest of the team
on its back, area man Kevin Bentley confirmed
Thursday that the chipotle mayo was doing all the
heavy lifting in his sandwich. “Looks like this
mayo is going to have to carry us across the
finish line, because there’s absolutely nothing
else on this sandwich that has anything going for
it,” said Bentley, explaining that the spicy
southwestern spread would, as usual, have to lead
the charge since the roast turkey had zero to
contribute, and the shredded lettuce was
essentially dead weight. “The soggy tomato sure
as hell isn’t helping, and that single slice of
swiss cheese might as well have not shown up
today. The bread should be pitching in a
<i>lot</i> more, but it’s just sitting there
like it knows the chipotle mayo is going to bail
it out eventuallyâ€"which ...</p>

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